by Mr_Dice at 10:01 PM
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Some of you may have noticed the new [​IMG] tag some users have, this is to let you know they are part of the Official Cove build team.

So why am I posting this? Well of the 10 slots the team has 1 is still available, and we are in need of another good terraformer, so if you think you're a good enough terraformer to get in the team, leave a message on this thread and we can arrange some sort of trial for you.

Good luck, and bring your A game... You're gonna need it.
by MCGamerzism at 4:01 PM
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Hey Forumers!

So, you might have noticed a few flying hints over the past couple of months regarding maps. I finally now get to release what I and the map committee have been cooking up for the last 2 months! So without further or do, here are the 4 new additions to 1v1, and 2 new additions to 2v2!

New 1v1 Maps
Rustic Village
by @AlexLic
Hallowed Thorns by @Zexority
Arena of Gods by @GhananBoy
Primitive Frost by @HuntyB88

New 2v2 Maps
by @RockerLuke


Unfortunately, we also need to remove some maps in order to make room for the amazing new ones!
Play them as much as you can before they are removed!

Removals (1v1 and 2v2)
MineValley (1v1)
Dome (1v1)
Morika (2v2)

Thank you to everyone who submitted these unique and awesome...​
by Mr_Dice at 10:37 PM
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We've been gathering feedback from users, and while the latest update to CoveMatched has gone mainly according to plan, lots of users are reporting strange bugs that were never caught during the testing phase for the plugin, and we believe the best course of action is to take a weekend to try and iron out as many of these kinks as we can, then come back up with a functional plugin, to give you guys the best experience we can, doing this will also allow us to implement some of the network upgrades we need in order to progress towards our big "Cove 3" update.

We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause you, but we feel this downtime is necessary to make cove as good as it can be, as always, it's not about being the biggest... It's about being the best.

- The Cove Network Development Team
by MCGamerzism at 7:37 AM
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Hey Forumers,

Welcome to my first project as Community Manager!
My current job as a community manager is to host this big opportunity for you talented builders.
Enough talking, let's get to business!
So the map committee have discussed what maps will be added and removed, and we found out there was no strong 3v3 map legible to be added to Cove, so what's better to do than hold a map contest were people can compete for their map on the servers!
Let's get started on the details.

  • Active from 6th December Saturday 2014 - 20th December Saturday 2014 (12:00PM GMT)​
  • Prizes will be 1 VIP - Only if the map is acceptable for the server.
  • 2 weeks too produce a well-build 3v3 map.​
  • There will be 1 winner, but also a 2nd and 3rd winner in which they will...​
by Mr_Dice at 11:52 PM
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What is the "big" update?
Cove is becoming a network like we used to be again, with multiple gamemodes on top of our established PvP system.

So we're becoming another minigames server?
No, rest assured we're not becoming another minigames server, the gamemodes we have will all be focussed around PvP. We are a PvP network through and through, and we are not going to be shifting away from our roots.
"We like what we do, and we do what we like"

What gamemodes will we have?
We're not yet ready to announce all of the gamemodes we will be featuring, as most of them are still in development. We're also focusing on the current issues we're having with the our PvP system, these issues will be explained as best possible at...
by MCGamerzism at 7:23 PM
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Hey Forumers!
The time has come, after 3 weeks of fierce, interesting and unpredictable results and submission, the votes have been counted up, and the winners are about to be announced!
So, without further or do, congratulations to the following people!

Best Owner

Followed up by GreatTice

The Best Head Manager
Followed up by Tbeeb

The Best Manager
Followed up by Creper_face

The Best Developer
Followed up by Pixelatorx2

The Best Moderator
A tie between Thunder_Strikez and ChezPlayz
Followed by Lisle1998

The Best Staff Member
Followed up by ThatOneKat

The Best VIP
Followed up...​
by Mr_Dice at 8:39 PM
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Hey, just a quick update to let you know that the forum lag we've been experiencing as of late should be all but gone. We've ditched our old webserver that was the cause of the issue and switched to a new host. If any of you do happen to continue having issues with the forums however, please feel free to let us know. We'll do our best to rectify the issues.
by MCGamerzism at 4:21 PM
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Hello Forumers!
Today I would like to present to the official CoveMC Awards - Round 2!

Where do I vote?

What is the prize?
The winner will get a custom made banner (Made By GemCraft) that you may insert into your signature, and show it off to everyone. There may also be other prizes, but we are not sure as of yet.

Some Important Information.
  1. Do not tell people to vote for you on anything like Skype, the forums or any other platform that you can communicate with, if we find out that you have been doing so, then you will be disqualified from the competition.​
  2. There are 3 rounds, Round 1, which is the nomination round. The 2nd round will include 3-5 names/categories that you must select the winner for. The final round will be a thread stating the 1 winner for each...​
by Creper_face at 3:26 PM
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Hello Forumers!
Today I would like to present to the official CoveMC Awards!

What are the CoveMC Awards?
The CoveMC awards is a voting competition between categories which are the following

The Best Owner
The Best Head Manager
The Best Manager
The Best Developer
The Best Moderator
The Best Staff Member
The Best VIP
The Best Friend
The Best Retired Staff
The Best FFA Map
The Best 1v1 - 2v2 - 3v3 Map
The Best Builder
The Best Build Team
The Best Forum Poster
The Most Helpful Member
by Leon|ThatOneKat at 12:02 AM
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Hello all.

(I'm brilliant at intros)

Anyways, after having a nice chit chat with @MCGamerzism we have both decided that it's time for a serious change in the map scene.

This means we will be adding new maps soon but also removing maps.
We want all our maps to be visually satisfying yet ready for a fight to the death. So this is why we have hired new members within the Map Committee. These people will test out the map in PvP situations and others look and investigate how the map looks.

So I want to clean up the map section and starting from tomorrow we will be accepting and declining maps on the spot.

So In-order to get your map accepted or even reviewed you will need to follow this application


Name of Map:
Backstory (optional):

I (name) agree that my map can be changed In any way by anyone in authority which will then make it eligible for server release.

If it doesn't have (optional) then it is required...