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Entries are open as of now and will close on the 30th of November!

The Community Department has created a YouTube channel where members of our server will soon be able to submit videos to our various series' such as "Cove Kills of the Week" or "Coves funniest moments" etc.

As of right now we're in need of some GFX, to make the channel more welcoming and appealing! To show our appreciation of the time, hardwork and effort that would go into this from you guys, the top 5 GFX artists will recieve discounts and possibly custom pets in the Hub and the chosen winner will recieve a free donor rank!

We're looking for a banner and avatar! The only rules are:

1. Keep the art PG!
2. Keep you signature minimalistic!
3. Have fun!

You think you've got what it takes to be on the face of our channel? Then submit your GFX to CoveNetworkCommunity@gmail.com

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About the staff Q&A!

It has come to my concern that there are not as many people as we hoped for coming onto Teamspeak, this is why I have come up with the idea of a Q&A session. I believe that it will increase the bond between the staff and members of the Cove community. In this meetup, staff will be asked various questions from what is happening to the server to what people want on the server. Every member of the staff team should be willing to answer these questions. We would like the people of Cove to share there opinions on what we could be better and what we can do in order to make the server a better place for everybody. We do not want rule breakers and neither do you, so why not come and share your idea and be heard.This meetup can bring a variety of ideas to the server and you never know, your idea may get added! So if you wouldn't like to message a Moderator in-game or if you don't know who to talk to, come on down and present...
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Hello Cove!

Earlier today, someone attempted to hack us. Do not be alarmed, they did not gain any information, as our new host stepped in as soon as they saw suspicious activity and put our server in a high security lock down mode, we are working with our new host to fix our unknown security flaw, but in the meantime we will be switching back to our old server. As players you shouldn't notice much of a difference, other than the higher ping we used to get on our old network.

The development team is working tirelessly to get us back up as quickly as possible, and we are currently on track to be back up by tomorrow morning. If anything changes between now and then, rest assured we will inform you.

Cove Administration

We are now back online, using our old server, it's a good job I kept hold of it for Team Armada :)
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If you have been active on the TeamSpeak server over the last week, you will have noticed change in the staff system. As many of you will be quite confused about this, here is a simple explanation to all of it...Don't worry it's not as scary as it looks!​

Why the big change

It had got to the point where many of the unique responsibilities of a certain ranks had become shared responsibilities and the delegation of workload was uneven. With this new system the staff team are now acting as working hubs, where each part of management works on their own individual projects, which maximises the efficiency of our staff team.

An example to put this in perspective is that the Community Managers may be working on a 1v1 tournament and at the same time the Development Managers would be working on a totally different project.

The role of Managers

As soon as you enter the TeamSpeak server you will be greeted with a whole host of new offices....​
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Friday 12th September, 2014 (23:30:22 GMT+1)
10,000 players...WOW!

Congratulations to, 12dj on being the 10,000th unique player to log in to our server. In an incredible 23 days, Cove, and its community, has attracted a whopping 10,000 players. It is also worthy to mention that this tally began on the 20th of August, 2014. Now, remember, this count up only started when Cove 2.0 launched (20th August). Before then, we reached around 20,000 unique players. Though, the count down restarted at the launch of Cove 2.0. Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest landmarks Cove, as a server, has ever achieved.

Nonetheless, another milestone that is credible to remark upon, is our accomplishment to sustain an astounding 153 players on-line at one time....
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Main message: Applicants must be fifteen years or more to apply for a position of moderator.

Yikes. Most, if not all of us, are back at school. The summer rush is over, and our player base is now beginning to stabilise. For that reason, the administration have decided to increase the age needed to apply for a moderator position. Although this will be a disappointment for some, it will now help the staff team stabilise in size and the senior staff team can now look forward in training our current, twenty two, moderators!

We have an astounding amount of waiting applicants, too. Therefore, we could manage to hit twenty five moderators very soon and that is just the correct size for our server. We are always welcoming new candidates for the position, though, we are cracking down on the difficulty of being accepted and assigning much stricter policies when accepting a candidate. Expect the acceptance to denial ratio to decrease.

Some FAQ's that may occur:...
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To take advantage of our current offer, visit our store: http://shop.covenetwork.net/
In addition to our current offer, we have been spending the last couple of days revamping our donation ranks. Below is a list of the old and new ranks:
Emerald > Iron
Diamond > Gold
[No rank] > Diamond
Quartz > Emerald

To put it into much more simpler terms, here is a screenshot of our four ranks, including their prices!:


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Hello, welcome to the second round of the Cove awards!

In this stage, voting consists of multiple choice voting from a total of three candidates for each category, and shall last a total of one week.

Again, we ask that you do not promote yourself via YouTube so we can have a much fairer set of results.

Click HERE to vote.
Credit to JennoKoala for counting the votes.

Good luck!
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Hello, Covers!
I've now worked here for 9 months, and boy is it going to be memorable. The amount of useful things I've learned here is immense. When I founded Cove, it received a lot of recognition, recognition that lifted it off the ground. Back then, we were merely a group of 4 people. 3 have now left. Resulting in (you guessed it) me being the last active 'founder'. Fortunately, this thread is not intended to announce a resignation. It's intended to announce my leave of absence, which will end before the summer holidays in mid 2015.

Why are you leaving?
The reason for me leave is school. I'm not going to go in-depth on the subject. Simply stated: I can't entirely focus on my education without having minor involvement with Cove. Therefore, my account will be deactivated.

So, who'll be running things?
Before I continue, I'd like to state that @Matthew is superior to all staff members.
We're introducing a new rank. This rank will be applied to...